Ajapa Stage Play at Riverbank School

Have you watched the stage play – The Day The Tortoise Broke His Shell? No? The children of Riverbank school hadn’t watched it before either, though a few of them were familiar with the old folktale.

On Wednesday, the 2nd March 2016, Ajapa and his friends arrived at Riverbank school to give them the mini yet classic version of the fantastic play. There was music, there was dancing, there was laughter as Ajapa, Aiyekoto and the birds made their way to heaven, only for Ajapa to deprive the birds of all the heavenly food!

SP4Children from the audience were invited on stage to play the part of the birds and though they were a little shy, they did a fantastic job. Afterwards Ajapa invited even more children to join him on stage and dance.

You may have missed this show, but not to worry, Ajapa is willing to come to YOUR school. Email for enquiries.

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