Ajapa @ Exclusively Children Exhibition 2016

The Muson children’s day festival was a lot of fun. The Ajapaworld crew had fun all the way from the 27th to the 29th. The exclusively children’s exhibition started on the 27th and Ajapa had a great time. There were two sessions of storytelling by the old man and old woman and the kids learnt a lot from the story about The Day The Tortoise Broke His Shell.

Day two was another fun filled day. Ajapa himself danced, danced and danced with the kids until there were all tired. The Ajapaworld team met with a lot of kids and organisations who patronized us and bought our different merchandise. The kids even requested they wanted another story session with the old woman.

And the final day came. We fulfilled our promise to the kids. We had to convince the old woman and Ajapa to come again because the kids love them. Indeed, it was fun all the way @ Exclusively Children Exhibition 2016. Here @Ajapaworld we love to have Fun and it was really a time well spent because we had fun all the way from 27th – 29th may. A big thank you to the organisers of this event, the kids, the parents and all our fans for their support and spending time with us. We are devoted to Educating and Entertaining the younger generation


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