Ajapa at The Reading Corner, World Book Day Fest

It’s book week and Ajapa had the honour of spending his Saturday at The Reading Corner.

The Reading Corner has to be the most well stocked children’s bookstore he has seen in Lagos. They have all sorts of books about children and princesses and dragons and even dinosaurs! And of course they stock the Ajapa folk tales as well.

So on Saturday the 27th February, Ajapa took his crew with him for the Reading Corner book day and we listened to different authors tell their stories to the audience.

RC6Soon it was the Old Man’s turn to tell his story and boy does he know how to tell a good story. He told the tale of The Day The Tortoise Broke His Shell. But that was not all; Ajapa came out to dance with the children and took lots of pictures with them.

Then the old man went on stage again and told the tale of The Tortoise, The Dog and the Farmer’s Yam. He selected children from the audience to assist him in telling the story, and these kids were wonderful at their acting.

The children were taught the pledge by aunty Obafunke and Mr Braithwaite appeared as if by magic to sign his books.

We had so much fun at The Reading Corner. There was a lot to do. They had two live tortoises for the children to look at and touch and there was even a colouring corner. And let’s not forget all the books that were available for sale.

Ajapa had fun, what did you spend your Saturday doing?

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