Ajapa and Crew @ American International School

Yesterday, Ajapa visited American International School to take part in their cultural day. AIS had dedicated the event to the Hausa tribe and teaching all their students about the Hausa people, culture and traditions.

cation thisThey also endeavoured to teach them about money management and haggling. Each child was allowed N1,000 to spend at the various vendors, keeping in mind that they will need to bargain, so they could buy at lower prices.

Ajapa and his crew arrived at the event with their world class stall. And the children were excited to meet Ajapa. He took pictures with so many wise kids! Then it was storytime, and several of them gathered on the mat to hear a dramatic telling of how Ajapa and Mr Snailee started their business.

And guess what? Ajapa got to meet the beautiful Dija and the entertaining Jesse Jagz! They were both pleasant and fun. Dija even demonstrated a Ninja Turtle kick for Ajapa; but Ajapa is not quite as acrobatic as those turtles!

All in all, it was an exciting day for Ajapa.

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