Hi kids,

We all love being around happy people, don’t we? Cheerful and positive people are a joy to be around. We want to be their friends and we feel encouraged       when we are near them. But why are they so happy all the time?positive attitude

Being cheerful and having a positive attitude is a choice kids. It is easy to be negative and point out all the bad things that are happening to us, or we can be thankful for all the good things that take place every day. A smile can comfort a stranger; opening the door for your teacher can make him/her feel appreciated; encouraging your classmates could give them confidence. Before you know it, people will begin to talk about how lovely you are and how pleasurable it is to be around you.

Another way to remain positive, is to learn to love yourself. Don’t say bad things about yourself and don’t allow others to say bad things about you. Everyone has a gift or talent and everyone is special.

So start being positive today!

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